Super Mathematics Nº2 - Caligrafix

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From 7 years old (2nd grade)

Super Mathematics Nº2, is an activity notebook that promotes the development of logical-mathematical skills and delivers a work proposal organized in 8 learning units, presenting activities that encourage experimentation and manipulation of concrete material.

Each unit has sections that articulate the contents, the development of skills and instances of evaluation:

Unit start: Presentation that activates and explores previous knowledge.

I activate what I know: Page to use as a diagnostic evaluation.

Development pages: Activities that include various instances of exploration, construction and application of content.

I look for solutions: Problem-solving activities related to the unit's learning objective, from contexts close to children or from a playful theme.

I enhance my skills: Mathematical challenge pages that offer various situations that represent an intellectual challenge for children.

I apply what I have learned: Activities that allow the synthesis and evaluation of what has been learned, integrating the contents seen during the unit.

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