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PleIQ Home is an internationally award-winning educational toy that uses Augmented Reality to develop Multiple Intelligences in children ages 3 to 8. PleIQ combines the benefits of traditional and digital educational games by reinventing the way you learn with educational cubes.

PleIQ Home consists of a set of 8 cubes and anaugmented reality application in education, which together create the best digital educational resources.Letters, numbers and symbols are transformed into incredible and great interactive learning experiences in Augmented Reality.

  • 8 Modules with Educational Activities by Intelligence:
  • 8 Módulos con Actividades Educativas por Inteligencia: 
    -Interpersonal and Intrapersonal.
  • Bilingual learning in English and Spanish
  • Mobile app for phones and tablets
  • Frequent reports: Receive periodic and personalized reports on the progress of children, including tips to develop more than 160 skills.

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