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Get personalized and effective experiences.

With PleiQ School Caligrafix your smart notebooks and interactive cubes are now connected to the cloud to help you offer a solution to your educational challenges.

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PleIQ Schoool Caligrafix

Do you know how to take advantage of the new flexibility of the SEP Law to promote distance education in your school?

55 the MINEDUC in Chile has empowered educational communities to be able to make expenses that allow them to implement pedagogical strategies for distance education. In this video we explain how you can obtain these resources:

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How does the PleIQ School Caligrafix platform work?

PleIQ School Caligrafix is a learning platform that connects children's educational journey in notebook activities with progress indicators associated with the BCEP's Transversal Learning Objectives.

The interactive content of the Caligrafix notebooks is visualized using the PleIQ app.

The PleIQ app records the data of the interactions with the contents of the notebooks.

The platform receives and analyzes the data to generate progress reports regarding the achievement of the Learning Objectives.

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Learning Experiences

School Global Progress Report

With the PleIQ Caligrafix Platform, schools will be able to see the progress of all children, regarding the learning activities of the interactive notebooks, and thus make informed decisions to improve their educational results.

Progress for each course and level

You will also be able to see the progress for each course and level, having a global vision of the progress of your students throughout the school.

Progreso por curso y nivel

Reporte individual

Detailed individual progress report per child

Get indicators of the progress of students doing activities with the interactive notebooks at school and make better decisions for your school program.

Understand the use of interactive cubes and notebooks

With PleIQ School Caligrafix you will also be able to see the impact of the use of Caligrafix interactive notebooks in the achievement of learning objectives, globally and individually.

Indicadores de progreso

Data-driven education

Obtain learning data from your students, courses, school that will allow you to make decisions based on data.


Indicators of progress considered.


Learning Objectives covered with Interactive Activities.


Schedules for teachers with activities to do with the notebooks.


Students who already use the Caligrafix notebooks.

Works with interactive notebooks

PleIQ School Caligrafix connects children's learning in interactive cube activities and smart notebooks with progress indicators associated with the BCEP's Cross-Cutting Learning Objectives.

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Reporte individual

Turn your classroom into 4.0 with PleIQ School Caligrafix now!

Let your school make decisions based on data, and your students learn in a more fun way!

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