PleIQ School

Technology in your children's education.

PleIQ School is a learning platform to track the progress of all students using PleIQ as an educational tool at school.


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The online learning platform integrated to PleIQ and designed to promote the best educational technology resources.

Understand your students' learning process

PleIQ School allows you to know what are the trends in the progress of your students by identifying the data generated by them while they use the PleIQ application in the classrooms.

Track progress

Now you can have a clear idea of ​​the progress of your students, courses and even levels according to Multiple Intelligences: Linguistic, Logical, Kinesthetic, Visual, Musical, Naturalistic, Interpersonal and Intrapersonal.

Seguimiento del progreso

Progress analysis

Visualize key data indicators regarding the school that allow you to act and correct errors without having to go through the arduous and time-consuming process of an audit.

Análisis del progreso

Comparison of progress between courses

You can compare the progress of each course over time. You will be able to understand how one course differs from another and then take focused action to improve.

Comparison of progress between courses

DUA approach

PleIQ is designed to meet the international DUA (Universal Design for Learning) educational framework and is also based on Marzano and Kendall's taxonomy, ensuring a well-structured and necessary organization for education today.

DUA approach

Global progress report

From the first moment you start, you can already know the general performance of your school according to each intelligence. Our algorithms do the tedious work so you can focus on what's important.

PleIQ Schools Progreso Global

Early alerts

PleIQ School analyzes the progress of students, courses and levels and sends messages with early alerts if it detects problems in the learning process. Now you can act early to improve performance.

Alertas tempranas

Reports by level, course and student

At PleIQ School you can easily replicate the base structure of your institution by creating levels, courses and students. These will then be accessible through the PleIQ mobile application using the Single Account.

Reports by level, course and student

Activities to do in class

Find dozens of educational activities ready to do in class with students. Each activity has been thought and created by and for educators.

PleIQ School Actividades

Do you want to be part of the PleIQ community?

You can join the growing community of PleIQ educational ambassadors to generate and share your own content, receive support, and get regular news from the educational community.

Be a PleIQ ambassador

Access in real time and on any device

Enter our application from any device. PleIQ School is a 100% online application that works in any modern browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer), on MacOS, Windows, Linux, Android and iOS.

Access in real time and on any device.

A perfect tool for the classroom

PleIQ brings technology to the classroom without losing the benefits of the tactile and perceptible world. Children enjoy working with the cubes and PleIQ perfectly complements the little ones' learning.

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Adapted to academic bases

PleIQ is adapted and validated with academic and scientific bases through the implementation of the Common Core State Standards (USA) and the Curricular Bases of Early Childhood Education (Chile).

Academic foundations

An integrated system

PleIQ is a physical toy that contains 8 cubes and is also digital, through a mobile application. When used together, they bring 48 augmented reality educational experiences to life.

Acceso a contenido

Access to content

Access all the educational activities and resources generated by the PleIQ community of educators.

Cuenta Única

Single Account

Set up all devices that use PleIQ in your school using a single account, it's that easy!

Reportes frecuentes

Frequent reports

Receive frequent reports on your school's overall progress and stay up-to-date on featured activities.

Happier and smarter children

PleIQ sparks the imagination, encourages creativity and enhances the motivation of your students. It is the new way to play and learn.

PleIQ School iMac Progreso

Get PleIQ School for your school now

Get PleIQ School for your school now and offer your students the opportunity to learn and play with the most advanced educational technology.


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