Strokes and Letters No. 2 Caligrafix

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From 5 years old (Kindergarten)

Trazos y Letras Nro. 2 is an interactive activity book with augmented reality for the initial teaching of reading and writing, based on an integrated learning model.

This resource connects the physical and digital world of children through interactive educational experiences that enhance autonomous learning, through the responsible use of technology in the classroom and at home.

The notebook incorporates some unpainted images, which allows children to color the illustrations to their liking, thus developing artistic expression and fine motor skills.Organize the set of learning opportunities in three areas:

Graphomotor exercises through playful activities and meaningful contexts. A squared and horizontal calligraphy format is incorporated, which allows the boy and girl to orient themselves in the writing spaces.

Phonological awareness.
Beginning sounds, ending sounds (rhymes), and syllabic awareness.

Vowels and four consonants (m, p, s, l).
Presentation of vowels and consonants in their four formats: printed, linked, uppercase and lowercase.
Phonetic and graphic recognition of vowels and consonants, of initial and final sounds.
Visual discrimination of vowels and consonants in a set of letters and words.
Reading and writing of: vowels, vowel combinations, consonants, syllables, words and phrases.
Each presentation of vowels and consonants is accompanied by different types of texts, with a listening comprehension activity.
Starting with the letter m, activities are included to work on reading comprehension.

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The Caligrafix Preschool Line notebooks now bring with them activities with augmented reality from PleIQ, which enhance children´s learning through the responsible use of technology in the classroom and at home.

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Notebooks with activities in augmented reality

The Caligrafix educational notebooks that you already know now have digital resources that encourage interaction.

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Each notebook includes a code on the back cover (the page after the cover). Scratch the indicated area to uncover the code.

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Learning Experiences

Concrete + Digital

Augmented reality connects the benefits of the digital world (interaction) with the specific notebooks that we already know, and we know that they are of special importance during preschool education.

  • Interaction with written content is promoted
  • Fine motor activities are encouraged
  • It is related to the concrete

Benefits of Augmented Reality

  • Increased attention. O´Brien and Thomas (2005); Sumadio and Rambli (2010).
  • Provide more attractive and effective learning Dünser and Hornecker (2007); Lester et al. (1997); Oh and Woo (2008); Wojciechowshi and Cellary (2013); Zhou, Cheok and Pan (2004).
  • Increased motivation O´Brien and Thomas (2005); Sumadio and Rambli (2010); Sergio, Ibáñez and Kloss (2013).
  • Increased interaction Azuma (2004); Bujack et al. (2010); Kerawalla et al.. (2013); Ivanova and Ivanov (2011); Wojciechowski and Cellary (2013); Wu et al. (2013).
  • Facilitates learning Bujack et al. (2013): Ivanova and Ivanov (2011).
  • Engagement increases Yuen, Yaoyuneyong, and Johnson (2011).
  • Stimulates creativity Klopfer adn Yoon (2004): Yuen et al. (2011): Zhou et al. (2004).
  • Develops the imagination Klopfer adn Yoon (2004): Yuen et al. (2011): Zhou et al. (2004).
  • Increases spatial ability Bujak et al. (2013); Cheng and Tsai (2012): Wojcieschowski and Cellary (2013).

Adapted to curricular bases and with didactic guides

The written and digital content is adapted to the curricular foundations of early childhood education (BCEP) and validated by educators with years of experience in generating educational content for preschool.

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Platform for schools

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Get indicators of the progress of students doing PleIQ activities with Caligrafix interactive notebooks at school and make better decisions for your school program.

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Our interactive notebooks are already being used daily by children in schools nationwide. Educators prepare their classes and students have fun learning.

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Includes notebooks:
- Strokes and Letters 1 and 2
- Logic and Numbers 1 and 2.
- Rocker

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Ideal for ages 3 and up.
Includes notebooks:
- Strokes and letters 2
- Logic Numbers 2

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