Calligraphy Grid for 1st grade - 1st semester

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In addition to providing graphic patterns, this notebook helps children to acquire literacy fluently. The material is organized by semester, with the purpose of reinforcing the learning of each letter and consonant group in a complete way.

All calligraphy notebooks exist in three writing formats: vertical, horizontal and 5mm grid.

Characteristics of our pedagogical proposal:

  • Sizing and location on writing rails. 
  • Writing letters: Vowels: a, e, i, o, u; consonants: l, m, y, p, s, t, d, c, n, f, r, h, j, q, g, z, b, nexus “and”. 
  • Writing direct syllables, words and sentences. 
  • Presentation of each letter in uppercase and lowercase, printing and linked. 
  • The presentation is accompanied by a drawing that begins with the letter under study. 
  • Large format of the linked letter in uppercase and lowercase with start arrow, trajectory of the letter in a dashed line and end point. 
  • Activities to develop phonological awareness. 
  • Reading comprehension activities through sentences. 
  • Educational games (crossword, word search). 
  • Blank sheets to reinforce letters, in the event that the boy or girl requires it.

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